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 Kurujo Haiashi

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PostSubject: Kurujo Haiashi   Sun 28 Mar 2010 - 18:29

Name: Kurujo Haiashi

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Light Brown

Skin Color: White

Height: 4'8

Clothing: Kurujo wears a black gi, under it is a dark orange shirt weighing 20 pounds. He wears two 10 pound orange wrist bands, or some times black gloves. He wears black boots, and a dark orange sash.

Bio: Kurujo was 4 years old when he started fighting. His parents sadly died when he was 7, getting into a fight with a demon and never returning. Kurujo then moved on to Morigatsu Temple for Martial Arts training when he was 8, then learning some of his skills he now knows. Kurujo found himself very friendly to everyone he knew. Kurujo is currently 12 now, training with his friends, and doing missions at Morigatsu Temple.

Race: 1/24th Saiyan

Skills: Kamehameha, After-Image, Ki blast, Energy Wave Volley, Power Control

Ultimate Skills: Full Power Kamehameha, Meteor Combination

Custom Power/Skill: Speeding Bullet (The user of this technique increases his/her maximum speed and strength by what their stats currently are, or what they want to multiply it by thats under their current level. The downside is, the technique lowers your defense by what you want to increase your speed and strength by EX: If the users speed was 50, their speed would increase by 50. If their strength was 34, their strength would increase by 34. However, if their defense was 40, it would decrease by 40. Then again, if your strength and speed was 50, and you wanted it to increase by 23, your defense (40) would decrease by only 23. It is a very risky but powerful technique. Very similar to the Kaioken, but doesn't strain the body.)

Hobbies: Fighting, Martial Arts, Doing Missions, Training, Jogging, Soccer, Push ups

Traits: Kurujo is very friendly and happy almost all the time, he can be very naive though. He will always accept a fight from everyone if they ask.
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Kurujo Haiashi
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