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 The Rules to General Chat.

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PostSubject: The Rules to General Chat.   Fri 12 Feb 2010 - 12:22

My rules are strict, and I will most definitely take them seriously. Respect my rules, or get off my forum.

1. No swearing is allowed. Its alright to swear, but none like the F word.

2. No making fun of people (Name calling, being mean, etc).

3. No racisim. If I catch rasicim, its an auto ban for you.

4. No spaming, or you will be rewarded with a ban warning.

5. No disrespecting people, respect others as you would yourself or higher authority.

6. No taking advantage of the forums, like writing useless comments such as "BLAH BLAH" it's pretty much spam. I hate spam.

7. No overpowering yourself. If you think you're better than others, too bad for you, because you're not.

8. Have fun!
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The Rules to General Chat.
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