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 Character Creation - Format & Information

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PostSubject: Character Creation - Format & Information   Fri 12 Feb 2010 - 12:44

Your character you wish to create is for Role Play only. You won't play as your character on any other forum but the Role Play forum. Remember, do not overpower your character to be the best. Copy and paste the format below into your message so you can create your character. Additional information will be listed under the character creation format.

Character Name:

Character Gender:

Character Eye Color:

Character Hair Color:

Character Race:

Character Clothing:

Character Hair Style:

Character Skills:

Character Ultimate Skills: (THREE ONLY)

Character Created Skill: (Your character can only have one created skill)

Character Hobbies:

Character Traits:

Additional Information:

I will be the one reveiwing over your character and choosing whether or not he or she is accepted as a character. Chances are, your character will be accepted.
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Character Creation - Format & Information
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