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 Saji Kazuren

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PostSubject: Saji Kazuren   Sun 14 Feb 2010 - 20:05

Name: Saji Kazuren

Sex: Male

Age: 12

Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair Color: Brown, with dirty blonde running through it

Skin Color: Slightly tanned

Height: 4'9

Clothing: Saji wears a black shirt. Over that he has a dark green gi, a black belt, and black wrist bands. He wears light weight black boots.

Hair Style: Saji's bangs come down slightly over his eyes. His hair reaches down half of his neck. Saji's hair spikes at the ends.

Bio: Saji's father had died when he was three, due to a viral infection. He spent a lot of time reading about diseases after that, he wanted to know every detail of his father's death. He did a lot of reading, and learned how to read well quickly. He would do normal kid stuff too. Once he was 11 his mother sent him to the Morigatsu Temple to train in martial arts. Saji was a bit reluctant, but he felt at home shortly after arriving. Currently he has been training for a few months now.

Race: 1/24th Saiyan

Skills: Sense, Kamehameha, and Ki Blast.

Custom Power: Shikon Blast (The user charges their energy to whichever amount they need with either one or two hands. Then they release the energy forward in an orange blast, with a small resemblance of a cheetah's head, with the mouth open. It speeds forward at a high speed, if it hits the opponent, they feel sharp pain wherever the blast hit.)

Hobbies: Martial arts, playing pranks.

Traits: Saji hates to lose, plain and simple. He can be a bit arrogant too. Normally he's a kind kid though. He'll almost never back down from a challenge.

And... That's my character, woo.

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PostSubject: Way to Go!   Sun 14 Feb 2010 - 20:13


I like how you have put much detail into your character, and did not overpower him. Congratulations, Saji! Your character has been accepted!
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Saji Kazuren
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