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 Super Saiyan ruined DBZ

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PostSubject: Super Saiyan ruined DBZ   Thu 25 Mar 2010 - 22:42

I was thinking today, and I realized that Super Saiyan made DBZ worse, in a way.. Now, people are probably thinking "WTF!!!??", "GTFO!!!", or "SCREW YOU!!!", but let me explain.

The original Dragonball was about the adventures of Goku, a little kid with great fighting abilities. Goku encountered a lot of obstacles in his path. With the help of friends, or just himself, he overcame them. This was all due to their training. Overcoming these obstacles was entirely based on their own strength and/or luck.

The Saiyan saga of Dragonball Z followed the same formula as in Dragonball. They all overcame obstacles based on pure hard work.

Now we get to the Frieza saga. It's still using the formula, until the end. Goku needs to defeat Frieza, but he seems far too powerful, easily defeating Piccolo. Then the anger of Goku losing his best friend pushes him too far, BAM! Goku becomes a Super Saiyan. The legendary Saiyan warrior. Now, I can't deny, this was epic. I still think SSj is really cool, but this is where DBZ got worse. It didn't exactly get worse (although the Saiyan saga remains my favorite), but it wasn't quite as good.

It was all still epic, epic fights, epic story, everything was epic. Everyone still had to work hard to achieve things... But wait, ALL the characters became a Super Saiyan! No longer has Super Saiyan become legendary, it became the norm. The only Saiyans in the series who DIDN'T get it were in GT, correct me if I'm wrong.

This made Super Saiyan far less enjoyable for me after today. It's not the ultimate pinnacle of strength, it's what you get for working hard, or having Super Saiyan parents.

Now, to make matters worse, there's a Super Saiyan 2! Now, the coolness of the form increased, the power increased, what's not to love? That everyone, yet again, gets it. Also, Super Saiyan was legendary, and now it's nothing. There's Super Saiyan 2 now, and that's the new legendary. Now, everyone has gotten it, and the series moves on...

Huh? Goku? ANOTHER transformation? AND an epic scream to go along with it? Count me in! They even made a new look to it, wow! There wasn't really a problem with Super Saiyan 3. I consider it the TRUE Super Saiyan form, actually. The previous two were just forms, like all great DBZ characters get (except the Androids, that is. They were too bad ass for forms. Razz) This third form, was truly legendary. Only ONE Saiyan ever achieved it! I'm not going to count Vegeta as ever having Super Saiyan 3. He had Super Saiyan 4. If one day I see Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan 3 (while not in a video game, or fan-made video), I will consider two Saiyans having Super Saiyan 3. This would still make it legendary, though. Only two Saiyans in the ENTIRE universe would have it.

Now, you're probably thinking "Nu-uh! Goten and Trunks get it!" This isn't true, actually. Gotenks got it. Now, Gotenks may be a fused form of Goten and Trunks, but it vastly increases their power. This allowed them to achieve the form of Super Saiyan 3.

I'm not going to discuss Super Saiyan 4, because I truly don't like it. I used to think it looked cool, but I don't anymore. I think Super Saiyan 4 looks strange. Also, I don't like GT.

Alright, after all this, you'll either agree with me, or you won't. If you're still thinking noobish comments, like "SSJ RULES ALL!", then I feel sorry for you. I think that DBZ would be better without it. If it still had Super Saiyan in it, it should of had Super Saiyan/2 looks, very limited usage, and legendary (one or MAYBE two people having it.)

If you've read ALL of this post. Sorry, and thank you. If you skipped to here, go back and read it! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Super Saiyan ruined DBZ   Mon 14 May 2012 - 9:26

u have absolutely true.


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Super Saiyan ruined DBZ
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