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 About Ranks

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PostSubject: About Ranks   Sun 28 Mar 2010 - 17:09

Ranks are basically what your Character's job or is. Your first rank you start off at is "Unranked" because you need to apply for your rank and or earn your rank. I'll explain how you can earn your rank below.

Earning a rank is not too hard, you just need to meet its requirements. For example, some of the requirements for the World Martial Arts Champion rank, would be "Win the Martial Arts Tournament" and "Win over 30 Player Versus Player Role Play Battles". Earning the Student rank is the easiest rank to earn, because all you have to do is apply for it.

Applying for a rank is easy, all you have to do is view the ranks, pick a rank that isn't taken, and create a new topic saying that you want that rank in the "Ranks" forum. Then I or another admin will give you its requirements and what you must do to earn that rank.

There are special ranks, such as the "Guardian of Earth" rank. Special ranks you cannot apply for, it can only be given by an administrator. Administrators will only give special ranks to advanced and mature Role Players. You can ask an admin for a special rank when you think you are mature enough to handle one. There will be a list of requirements for the special ranks, you must complete the requirements of the special rank you want before asking an admin for the rank. I will explain the huge differences between normal ranks and special ranks below.

The HUGE difference between the two, are that special ranks need to be taken very seriously, and normal ranks do not have to be. Special ranks are given many tasks and duties, when normal ranks are only given very few. However, this does not mean if you are a special rank you can boss every other normal rank around. You need to respect everyone else here like you would yourself.

There are two types of ranks and special ranks. Good, and Evil. Good ranks are the ranks you can choose from if you are good. Evil ranks are the ranks you can choose from if you are evil.

Once given a rank, you will earn new abilities, skills, techniques, and a boost in all of your stats. Depending on your rank, you may only be able to get very few new abilities, skills, techniques, and not much of a boost in your stats. If you are a normal rank, such as the "Martial Arts Master" rank, you will receive ALL A class abilities skills, abilities, techniques and a 125+ boost on ALL of you stats. If you are a special rank, such as the "Legendary Master" rank, you will receive ALL Abilities, Skills, Techniques, and a 230+ boost in all stats.

A description of each rank will be listed beside every rank in the Ranks list.
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About Ranks
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